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Ma ghayro
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Default Re: Assad: Syria is willing to welcome General Aoun

Originally Posted by mr_j View Post
this is rediculous, you can't make a foreign visit to a country without being called an agent. we're not alone on earth you know, there is nothing wrong with a visit to syria marra bil 3omor, bad thing is when you build your house there
Go to Syria for what? there's no reason to do that unless there's something important such as release of the Lebanese detainees in Syria's jails...
But BIG NO for anything that will give credit to Syria to use us to score points on the loyalists knowing that they(loyalists) have no problem doing it with everyone against us but that doesn't give us the right to act the same dirty way.
The only difference between FPM and other parties is that its limits are the limits of this country.

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Default Re: Assad: Syria is willing to welcome General Aoun

Originally Posted by xcoder View Post
Go to Syria for what? there's no reason to do that unless there's something important such as release of the Lebanese detainees in Syria's jails...
concerning this point.. after what i saw in Halat some weeks ago, i began to doubt in the existence of Lebanese detainees in the Syrian jails..
i think we must go to Meerab, Moukhtara and Ein el tini and ask the warlords about the places were their militias burried those missing people.

concerning Bashar's statement, my opinion is that General Aoun doesen't need to visit Syria in the current moment because there is nothing to do there... but i'm not against a visit to Syria when General Aoun becomes the president of the republique, Lebanon needs a strong patriotic president like General Aoun who's able to deal with Syria and build good relations between the two countries.
anyway General Aoun talked a lot about this point and always said that he's not going to visit Syria unless he was going there in an official visit representing Lebanon.
ويل لأمة تكثر فيها المذاهب والطوائف وتخلو من الدين

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Default Re: Assad: Syria is willing to welcome General Aoun

Ofcourse no two countries should be treated in the same manner...But while I wait and observe and study how my treatment to other countries should be in a manner that suits and benefit my country, you might be in a position where you brush of any benefit for your country due to a blinding obstacle of hatred and preexisting negative dispositions...
You actually believe that the reason of my hatred to israel is because Hassan NasrAllah told me to? Cant u see why the state of Israel was made? The purpose? the role that it must act? Israels only real purpose is to weaken the areas countries, to cause conflict and chaos, to unbalance things, in order for the U.S.A to control the areas rich natural ressources and to ensure that no arabic/muslim alliance would ever again threaten europe.

Where is ur sense of patroism man? Im not saying that in order to be a patriot you have to hate Israel, no, im saying that when u understand what a threat israel is to our existence and soveirgnty it is when ull start to fear for ur sake (and then for ur country). Do u actually know how much the zionists wanted land? From litany, to Jordan, to siina, encapsulating the whole of palestine. Do u know that in its state israel cannot survive without a tangible,unquenshable water supply (litani). The plans of conquering these lands were defered by the resistance of our people, and only by that, we have denied these bastard of taking more of our lands. Yes our lands! u may not believe in borders, but i do, for it is the only stretch of dirt i may call my own. And i will not make peace with an entity that has strived on my back, that has the intention of destroying my dreams, of robbing me of my identity and freedom.

It is illogical! How do u want to make peace with someone that has the intentions of robbing u of ur lands and water for the benefit of our country??? U need to clarify that man....if u can.

Countries don't act and are not steered by the collection of the common individual emotions. At least the ones that know what politics mean and seek to thrive in the area they are in. Even if Israel massacred yesterday, and we had evidence with no shred of doubt that Peace talks if established today will carry great value to our country, we will be stupid and UNPATRIOTIC if we don't establish the peace talks..
So basicly what ur saying the following: f*ck the ones that died by their hands, f*ck our destroyed cities and villages, f*ck our wildlife that was destroyed by their weapons, f*ck our lands and water...for alot of money will come if have peace with israel! Who knows, maybe that way the U.S.A will notice how much ass we are licking and might even send us some investements! George would spit on the ground u tread on....

Again how can we be stupid for not making peace with an entity that seeks to enslave us? If u can prove that israels goal isnt to hold dominant power in the area and exploit us than u'll start making sense....but so far sense has steared away......

You do? Thanks goodness and the chances of life your negative disposition and apocalyptic goals that are blended with overwhelming antisemitism and sugarcoated with false ideas of justice are becoming less common day after day especially in our country. You happen to be stuck only with HA with this view. Even Aoun wants peace with Israel eventually. He is patriotic enough to know that the country he ought to be working for is his country, Lebanon, not the Arabic/Muslim world...

Well i can understand ur fear of HA, for alot of people fear him. I am neither with him or against him, but do stear on a paralel line of thought. I realized this not so long ago, when i was watching this video "Al Damir El Arabi", and while watching it i started trembling at the images i saw. In the period of my life where i have strayed the furthest from HA ideology and mentality and line of thought, i found myself completly paralised by guilt. I had somehow felt responsable for all the agony the arabs are going through; by not taking a stance, by acting indeferently and just completly forgetting, i had let myself down.

And no my friend, Aoun doesnt want peace with Israel for he sees much further than that. U are with Aoun because he wants an independent Lebanon? How can u want him to have peace with a country that is always trying and is manipulating Lebanon? U are with a leader that fights for independents yet want him to have peace with a neighbour that is always trying to destroy the country? As always ur not making sense.
Unless u see that Israel isnt bent on us being slaves to it, then its a different matter.

2nd if Aoun wanted to have peace with Israel he wouldnt have allied himself with HA.

As you find it offensive and theoretically wrong to establish any kind of talks with a country you oppose and find its acts in the region and in the occupied Palestinian territories unwise or evil or inhumane or any such word; I by the same token find the dictatorship in Syria to be fundemantally and threoritcally repulsive and I would prefer if we didn't have to deal with that regime at all or meet any of its members...THATS theoretically...Halla2 if the benefits of my country dictate otherwise, the theory is suspended for the good of the country and people...

Now for the sake of benefit, i am with you. I Hold no sentiments for Syria for it has wronged in Lebanon (we invited it). My father fought the Syrians in the civil war, and i with him will hold no good feelings for the ones who occupy us. But if we want to talk pure benefit, we can go without israel, but we cant go without both, for this act will cut vital supply lines and will starve the country. U'll say, "ok then why not have peace with Israel and cut off Syria" My response "Because most lebanese have Syrian relatives " think about that and what it means.
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