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Vicky 02-17-2012 12:26 PM

Free Anti Virus Tools
This Is Not My Post , i copy it for the benefits

Think you’re protected because you have anti-virus software installed, well think again.

First we’ll cover the free service called Virustotal that allows you to submit files to be scanned by over 32 virus engines. The theory behind this is that no single engine can detect all viruses and that is true, so by using multiple virus programs to scan a file it is more likely to catch a virus. While the service is primary web based you can install a small plugin so you can right click a file and have it auto submitted to Virustotal.
Download the free Virustotal pluging from

Next we’ll cover a similar service called Novirusthanks, they allow slightly larger files to be submitted, but they don’t use as many antiviurs engines as Virustotal. Notviursthanks does use the most popular anti-virus engines. Plus they provide an uploader and other useful tools as a MD5 hash generater so you can generate a md5 hash form any file and submit that instead of uploading the file. If the file has been submitted before Novirusthanks will know the md5 hash and give you the results of the scan, great for people on slower connections.
Download Novirusthanks upload from

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