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Neoxter 06-06-2009 12:02 PM

Instant Translator for Google Chrome
Are you visiting websites that are in a language other than you're native tongue? Well, this little trick will put a bookmark in your bookmark toolbar so when you are in an website thats in another language, you can just simply click this button on the bookmarks toolbar to auto translate the current page.


Add a bookmark to the toolbar and set the 'Name' to 'Auto Translate' and set the URL to:


javascript:A14nH=location.href; L3f7=prompt('Choose%20destination%20language%20(2% 20chars%20abbreviation):%20','en'); if(L3f7.length==2) {location=''%20+%20encodeURIComponent(A14nH)+'&sl =auto&tl='+L3f7;}else{alert ('Invalid%20language%20abbreviation.')}
u have to replace the emotion shown with ) : removing the space between the : and the )


1. Now visit (or any site with foreign langauge)
2. Click the new bookmark we created
3. When the pop up comes up, enter your language you want it to be translated to. For example "EN" (it should default to english)

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