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Originally Posted by mr_j View Post
there are 2 problems in what you said in my opinion:
1) other countries do not think that way, europe is overrun with arabs who got their nationnalities from their fathers or mothers or wives. not only do they influence elections, but they also cost these countries billions of dollars in welfare(cause many of them are ignorant uneducated people who have no skills to get a job) yet they never raised that issue
You said it, other countries, and you are talking about European countries(or even Canada, USA etc...) those countries are not small countries and there population is not comparable with Lebanon.
These countries will not be affected politically by some thousands of foreign neutralized people, yes they are affected economically but these people cannot change the political scene and bring presidents or change the majority of parliament members etc...

2) you're whole problem with this revolves around the election, so many people 3am yetbahdalo cause you don't want to lose the elections :P
It is not only about elections, if this law gets approved, we will reach a day where number of Lebanese from foreign origins will exceed the number of original Lebanese. we are just a country of 4 million, we are living in here and bearing all the problems and fighting to find a job or even to live in security, how can you accept relating your fate and your whole country to some Lebanese foreigners who live somewhere else in this world with all the facilities and have the right(just because they have a Lebanese mother) to appoint your deputies, ministers and take decisions you will have to bear its circumstances while they don't care because they have another nationality?

As I've said, I am not totally against it, but under certain conditions I already stated, and this also applies on people from Lebanese origins (from fathers) who lived there whole life outside Lebanon and don't know a thing about Lebanon, i am against giving them political Rights.
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