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Originally Posted by Sogelec View Post
on the other hand, why give them an extra law to help them divorce?
such laws help in breaking up the eastern society we live in...
i think that this is more logical than "not satisfying her in bed" , asking for divorce for being raped or forced into sex is alot more logical than that reason.
Originally Posted by mr_j View Post
heyk claiming, there is always a proof needed. what if she has a black eye? sorry nothing we can do consult the local priest/sheikh for the divorce

w hidek gets bribed for either side and where is justice?

edit: can we let go of my stupid statement already? it was nothing, it was a moment of anger after reading that article, just forget about it, it's about how the "christian representatives" handled the situation nothing more
you know , i found nothing in offensive in what you wrote , its obvious what you meant , and there was absolutely no sign of offense to any religion or jesus
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