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Default Re: Does God Exist?

Originally Posted by athegan View Post
Well the human brain has its limits...Don't forget that a couple of hundred thousand years ago we were more like apes than man with a much smaller brain. Evolution never stops. The point is now this, the problem with the way humans are is that they prefer any explanation to no explanation at all.But what you mentioned is just the way Freud(atheist btw) explained God. According to Freud, "god" is everything humans lack and the fact that he cares for us and wants to help us makes the whole deal even more appealing.

I was really sick and tired of your claims of evolution and what not So here's your precious evolution now:

Darwin's Theory Of Evolution:
Darwin’s theory was that we originated from one common ancestor.

He wanted scientists to find ways to prove that intermediary species existed between the ancestor and the evolved form.

There are scientists who have found .. For example, a fish whose fins have future radius and ulna ( The bones in our arms ) etc. Don’t forget amphibians too! Which are considered to be the intermediary species between aquatic and land mammals.
These intermediary forms were found in small numbers.

There are fish that have lungs, eyelids (These eyelids were designed to prevent the dehydration of the eye) etc.
But all of this is too neatly done!! Too perfect!! The lungs, as well as the eyelids that appeared in fish millions of years ago could not have been done in complete randomness!!
Scientists would argue that it is because of genetic mutations and natural selection

PLEASE!! So you’re telling me that the the skin of fish a few million years ago started to produce keratin so that their skin does not dehydrate because fish KNEW that there would be global warming and therefore dehydration of water etc…?

Furthermore, reptiles appeared later on.. and laid eggs to protect their young ... And then their eggs were eaten so they DECIDED to make it their baby in their belly?
They are really super intelligent aren't they?
So reptiles managed to create an umbilical cord A myotic cavity, As well as a placenta, all in their teeny weeny belly to protect their kids And to evolve thereafter into mammals
And of course all this? ? ? BY CHANCE

Spare Me
These changes are too perfect man

For example, if you tell me to type in a word at random!
My word would hold no meaning whatsoever! ! !
This is nonsense!
But animals are a perfection of nature!!
This is surely not random
Again, scientists would credit this to genetic mutations.
In the cell, the nucleus, where lies DNA (2 m long), lies the genetic information that determined our phenotype.( Basic look and shape of everything in the body)
Radiation, chemicals etc. are quite intelligent to target the chromosome on which there is a gene that will change the phenotype???
Thanks to cosmic radiation fish could have lungs!

Cosmic radiation is very well targeted! !
Indeed it is very gifted
So tell me after 2 billion years of life how come we didn’t evolve to be unaffected by UV radiation and other harmful products of our environment???
The changes are generally harmful, But this time the changes are very useful …

But for lungs, Fish should have a specific formation of blood vessels, and a certain place in the body in accordance to the heart etc ... (Very complicated). So Lots of changes would be required to evolve into amphibians, and you’re telling me they all happened thanks to radiation??
For example we have this old car parked in the street and now we have new models of cars that rock! Who did that? Mutations and natural selection?? NO it’s a being able of thought that has made these changes! In this case man.
Scientists compare the size of the skull of primates with those men as you have my dear friend The volumes of the human brain varies from 700cm3 up to 2000cm3 ... And these men are in good condition. Well fine. You’re trying to find your one common ancestor??

In the human mitochondria scientists found a strand of DNA called the mitochondrian DNA and apparently this Strand of DNA comes from our mother.
And apparently all men have this mitochondrian DNA which comes from our mother
(Research done in California)
And they named the gene that encodes for the mitochondrian DNA the gene of Eve.
Other groups and American scientists have tried to prove that the first group of researchers had made mistakes, because they, like you my dear atheist friend could not believe this.
But they only ended up proving they were right because the Y chromosome that all men have is the same for everyone!
This chromosome comes from our father
So the gene that comes from our Father came to be Adam’s gene.

Conclusion: We come from 2 Ancestors not one. One Male, and One Female.And those two are the Adam and Eve we all know about.
You wanted me to use science to back my claims up so here you go.
عميت عين لا تراك عليها رقيبا

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