Thread: Does God Exist?
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Default Re: Does God Exist?

I thougbt you should read to learn more ?? you didn't even debate me on what i read.
You just took what i said out of context.
YOU my friend should read more about evolution because it does say that we all began with one common ancestor. And i never said we started with fish. Don't tell me things i didn't say.
I simply presented simple evidence to show that your precious evolution claims are faulty. One claim against it is enough. I supported my claim with evidence as well.

I see all you have to answer to what i said was : sarcastic remarks, deviating what i said and a generous book offering.
No thank youI can hook you up with some books too if you want some

As for the bible part: you know i'm a muslim and your reply to me concerning what i said is about the bible and the church??/
Logical aren't we???
عميت عين لا تراك عليها رقيبا
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