Thread: Does God Exist?
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Default Re: Does God Exist?

Kain....Dude...I debate religion for two reasons...Firstly because of the danger it poses to our human society and secondly to hear such opinions for the fun of it. I will not sit hear and explain evolution because I don't care enough to do that and because more knowledgeable did it perfectly, I can direct you to them as I said . But sooner or later, religious schools will be looking for ways to make evolution consistent with their holy books to avoid embarrassment. The good news, it will be in your lifetime probably. One ancestor, stop saying that man. There was first at the primeval soup. Genes then evolved from organic matter in the primeval soup. It is still unknown if the first gene was the one to split and then mutations started or different genes were formed from the primeval soup at the same time.Does that sound like a "common ancestor".Thanks for the book offerings, and yeah if you think there is a good book I should read just say it, I will happily check it out( if it is available around here).

Lf_Rabieh, are there Christian denominations that say the Old Testament is false?
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