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Default Re: Does God Exist?

Kain...You gotta read more about evolution because you sound like a two year old explaining where babies come from. We didn't come from one ancestor and fish is not the first stage in evolution. 4.25 billion years of floating bacteria, then free floating genes....bodies are a very late stage in evolution. I couldn't read your whole article, it gets "so wrong" at a certain point that it is painful to go through it all. I won't dare debate religion if I didn't know enough about the subject. A final advise is, evolution has overwhelming evidence that includes fossils, current gene mutations, bacterias and viruses and the ways they work, and lots more ending with the study of animal behavior and adaptation. Every time you find evolution so hard to digest, remember that so was the idea that the earth was flat and that it rotated around the sun. Then after that remember who opposed both "theories" when they came out, the church. Why? Because the bible says otherwise. The same bible that says " God created us from mud". Just read more man. I can hook you up with some great books if you want.
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