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Originally Posted by TAREKŪ View Post
is that FPM's new democracy ? chill girl

ya jess ya 3youne ya hbb wlik reetik to2obrine matra7 ma ente GMA is the leader of the C&R and FPM if anything bad comes from the party he takes full responsibility its not fair but thats the price of being a leader

14 march gang are bunch of snakes that will take small words and use it for their own political benefits remember what SHN said in 2009 regarding 7th may and how they made a big fuss about it and used it in the elections by twisting his words? iza kam kelme w heik 3emlo can u imagine what they can do with a messed up political situation?

tarek 7abibe lal marra l alef, GMA ma darabo 3a ido wala shaddo men sha3rato ta y2adim esti2alto, why ta nloumo.

in my opinion, lli sar 3ade w tabi3e since ma 7ada jabaro yesta2il, he made his own choice!!

you guys need to be realistic and fight when it is needed
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