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Originally Posted by mr_j View Post
we keep talking about what Jebran Bassil cannot do and what Charbel Na7as cannot do, I would like for once for someone to tell me what they can do

I like the initiatives the ministry of power started to take, I would like to see some results though, and charbel na77as spent all last year and all the past summer talking about improving the internet and the new line to egypt and whatever promising us good stuff at the beginning of the new year. the new year came and he is silent, what is new is that I lost the double speed I USED to get last year after 8 pm

edit: since we are on the subject

Can you tell me what the others did?

The only ministers who are working the most in this government are the C&R bloc ministers + HA ministers.

With the current conditions:
1-We don't have the majority in the parliament neither in the government.
2- The political situation is similar to the political situation of a country in a war.
What our ministers achieved in these 2 years and under the previous conditions weren't achieved in more than 18 years and under normal political conditions!

Now come and tell me they didn't do nothing because your internet connection is slow.
If it wasn't for Gebran Bassil, you would have been using the old dial up service and DSL wouldn't have reached your home at first place.

Minister Nahhas made the biggest achievement ever by getting an international condemnation against Israel for spying on our telecommunication network.

Instead of blaming the minority in the government, blame the stupid people who elected the Hariri Mafia and brought them back to power.

FPM and opposition had their own electoral program which they cannot realize as a whole if they didn't have the majority.
What our ministers are doing right now is the minimum required to maintain what's left of our institutions.

The Lebanese people choose to bring back the Hariri mafia to the power and they are paying the prices right now.
I am not surprised at all by this bad situation in Lebanon, we warned everyone before 2009 elections, but the majority choose not to listen, and the whole country is paying the price.

It is not the minority to be blamed, blame those who are controlling the government w 7esbouwon in the next elections instead of nagging!
ويل لأمة تكثر فيها المذاهب والطوائف وتخلو من الدين

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