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I use it sometimes in the university to bypass some silly restrictions.

Yes it would slow down the connection because your HTTP request will pass through many servers to reach the final server destination (same is the reply that is on its way to your computer).

While using TOR, your IP will be changed each amount of time because the network relay path will be changed. This dynamic change will keep you *anonymous on the internet. It is all about the HTTP tunneling. Of course there are other free applications that use this, like ultra-surf and there are some paid VPN (virtual private network) services for this purpose.

Problems that may arise:
In normal cases, you won't face any problem other than slowness. Other than that, there are some websites that base their cookies on IP address (to protect their users against cookie theft), so you will lose your session and get logged out when your IP address on TOR change (These websites are not very common).

*There are some theoretical attacks based on Javascript (similar to the man_in_the_middle_attack concept) that can reveal your identity when you are using TOR. The attacker must have a TOR server.

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