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differentt types of exercice:

exercices can be classified to 3 categories(according to me ) you hve endurance exercices, strenghts exercices and exercice to lose weight.

if you want to make muscles, strenghts exercice is the way to go, (I am focusing on arm muscles especialy) you need to pick a weight that you can lift for maximum 15 times for 4 to 5 sets (4*15) while resting 2 to 5 min between sets, and when that weight becomes easy for you, increase the weight and keep doing the same thing.the weights should be chosen in a way that 15 is the absolute maximum that you can do. when your muscles are lifting something too heavy for them, this signals them to increase the contractile elements(meaning they will grow) remember that you need a good protein diet to grow muscles and plenty of sleep because muscles grow when you are resting and not when you are using them.

don't use these numbers as a rule each person has his own body, his own diet and I'm not in a position to give advices about gym training(God knows I hate sports) lifting weights can cause muscle injury, especialy if you want to go for the limit of your power, so consult a trainer or a doctor to do so

to lose fat when training you must pick relativly light weights and lift them for like 40 times. losing fat requires light exercices for prolonged periods so that's the logic

endurance requires medium weights to lift for serveral times, it's somewhere between light exercice and strenghts training (I am not going to provide numbers since each person has a diffrent body and I'm not a trainer) the logic behind endurance is that, when exercicing, glucose is degraded to lactic acid in the absence of oxygen. lactic acid in exercices is what causes pain in your muscles and forces you to stop when it acumulates. endurance exercice stimulates your body to overcome this by increasing the blood vessels that are irrigating that muscle. with more blood vessels more oxygen may arrive to the muscle avoiding the formation of lactic acid. and if the acid does form, it would be transported to outside that muscle to other parts of the body where it will be degraded.
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