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Well for those of you who don't know. Cannabis (Marijuana) is a doorway drug. It's called a doorway drug because (as Russian said), it leads the way to other more addictive substances. It's true that marijuana can't kill you. But it is in fact addictive.

You can google THC yourself, which is the active ingredient in marijuana, for information on how it acts on opioid receptors in the brain.

As for my own opinion, i believe that substances such as Tobacco, Alcohol, Illegal drugs (which are illegal for good reasons) and Marijuana ( illegal or not), and other substances should be banned and be made illegal. Not only because of their addictive properties, but because of the harm the cause to they human body, to others, and because of the staggering health bills the country has to pay to treat illnesses related to these substances.

Rich or not, this is no excuse. A rich man will drive, will be out of his mind, and will do whatever crazy shenanigans associated with a drug induced high from heroin, cocain, PCP or whatever. He will be a danger to himself and to others.

That's my opinion anyway, and it's partially subject to debate
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