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Well , since i started working at a patisserie i think that i gained 5 to 10 kgs , im now between 90 and 95 kgs and my height is 175 , so i think im on the edge between overweight and obese , i cant stop eating icecream and cake at work (especially that they are free no matter how much i eat ), and i cant stop eating fast food , or heavy food (cz food is one of the pleasures of the life to me ) , i wonder if i fast walk for an hour a day would help me lose weight, or its useless if i still eat the same?
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alright, I'm starting a diet(again) and I did some more research and found some more useful information

1) it takes about 20 min for your stomach to signal your brain that you ate, so eat little, and if you still feel hungry wait about 20 min, it will go away the problem with this 20 min is that it probably is the reason we eat too much to begin with, you eat and you get full, and it takes you 20 min to know that

2) eat several small meals a day(like once every 2 to 3 hours), my diet plan is nos ab3a of anything every 3 hours, by the end of the day, I would have eaten like... one rghif and a half(the whole day) and because you eat every 2 or 3 hours you don't feel hungry or get dizzy or anything, and you don't get lazy, and your metabolism stays high(so your body does not shut down and start storing fat(as discussed in the primary post)

3) of course avoid icecream, chocolat and everything else when on a diet(and if you can, avoid them all the time, if you're not on a diet now they will put you on one)

4) avoid potatoes, all forms of potatoes, fried or maslou2 or whatever, potatoes are like pure sugar...

5)of course, no fast food

do some exercice to help speed things up, I walk 80 min every single day, you don't have to do that, but do something at least...
What about people who work in a pattisery and cant resist everyday the delecious icecream and cakes . btw the 20 minutes rule is real , i learnt it from work , when im eating a sandwish and i see a customer coming to buy , i stop eating and sell him whatever he needs , then i go back to eating ,suddenly im not that hungry anymore.
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