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No i don't,

It is not only about Palestinians and being an undercover way of neutralization, but I don't think Lebanon can handle more hundred thousands of citizens who may don't know anything about this country and suddenly they can be used in elections by a certain political party in order to vote for X or Y and change all the political balances in Lebanon.

Lebanon is a small country, and giving the citizenship to some thousands of people from Lebanese mothers, who they may be living somewhere far in this world and don't know anything about Lebanon or its History and can be easily manipulated by any foreign media, will have catastrophic results on the ground.

ba3d na2esna yejina kam wa7ad mn l amazone ysawwto la X or Y w yfello w y3aysho l sha3b l lebnene b kaweres siyesye!...(we witnessed a deja vu in 2009)

I may support it under the current condition: not having political Rights unless they are living in Lebanon for more than 10 consecutive years or more and after being submitted to some tests about the History of Lebanon and Arabic language etc...

It's not about equality between men and women, it's a matter of National security, w yalle mesh 3ejeba ma tetjawwaz ajnabeh.
ويل لأمة تكثر فيها المذاهب والطوائف وتخلو من الدين

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