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If it is allowed, there will be a new religion eza badkon, the ones without regard to religion as much as they are to living their lives, w mesh being controlled by religious men.

So in my opinion, not only are the religious men afraid of it, but also politicians, cause it'll mean their head on a plate.

My personal opinion is, and please keep in mind the fact that "IF you are religious", why get married madane eza u are both from the same religion? Se3eta khallik 3a dinak w Ser l Zawej (in Christianity). But what if u fell in love with someone from another religion? What then? Let's say you're freakin CRAZY about her w she's CRAZY about u, khalas u want her/him but u both want to keep your religions cz hayda shi personal w ma tkhayyarna wein nekhla2 ne7na se2abet fatta7et 3youne b hal 3ayle w b hal religion, so should we both pay the price and not get married? That's when I'm with it, cz no1 should be able to prevent marriage mn wara anything no matter what, it's their lives not peoples'.
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