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Originally Posted by xcoder View Post
The last post is Tawil's opinion who is obviously close to Jumblat and not to Aoun.
Are you familiar with tawil friendship with Michel Aoun?
Inou seriously? Close to Junblat and not to Aoun? Inou W eza bi ye2rab Junblat Ma fhemit?

Honestly i don't see anything other than another 14feb story about Aoun and not a "leak" since the dude is nothing to mention or even known.
mmm...I dont think that u see. because u just recognized the guy as friend of Junblat and Not to Aoun while u stated that the dude is nothing to mention or even known.. 3temid

The real leaks are when a leader or "known" figure is obviously making deal beneath the table like Hmadi asking for fund from the US and KSA or Sanyoura pushing to foreign military interferences, all that to stay in power and weaken the old opposition / current majority.
A leak is a leak...whether by known figure or a freaking maid.
Ur Argument is invalid

What's next? you're gonna get us a "leak" about your neighbor expressing his hate toward Aoun?
Actually my neighbor likes aoun very much and i called him Seibo 3awni khayen.
I think you have enough logic to differentiate between a real obvious scandal and "khbar neswen l forn", you're just too biased to say it.
Yeah they are missing that in Elnashra Website ...they shouldnt post it..
Will report it...
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