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Originally Posted by Genius704 View Post
On Winblows, open cmd or command prompt and type ipconfig /all, look for the gateway under your wireless lan if you are connected wirelessly or under ethernet lan if you are hard wired, that is your routers ip address. Type it in your web browser and you should be prompted for a router password, if it were kept on default its either admin for the username and password for the password, or admin for both, if not that, look at the bottom of your router it should say something, otherwise I don't know. When you are in look for wireless security. Make sure you don't set it as WEP because it sucks.
Good Luck.
There is some info on the back of the router itself ..
info such as the IP which is and the username in addition to the password .. but the problem is that when I enter that IP into the browser, I don't get the screen that requests the username and the password !

Also, the default gateway I get when I type ipconfig in the command prompt is different than the IP found on the back of the router ..

In the browser, the IP got from the prompt reveales a username and a password, but nothing works, neither admin for username and password for password, nor admin for both !
While the IP got from the back of the router, does not reveal any username and password section !

Does the fact that I am a DSL (OGERO) user has an effect on this problem ? since when the username and password screen appears, they say "The server (( IP )) at SpeedTouch requires a username and a password" ..

I really need help in this !
I have to set a password for my router !
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