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Default Re: Does God Exist?

Originally Posted by blyblu__dima View Post
mmmm i like thats kind of subj cz u shld analyze things, usually u believe in smthg whos powerful or stronger thn u, we all know that before christians ken fi "wasan". those pple were really creative they start adoring "fire, sea, win, sun, moon...." they thought eno hal eshya 2a2wa menoun eza 3emlo chi ghalat God of Sun will burn them.... so they did their best to believe bi eshya 2awa menoun hene... so no1 can deny eno fi Power stronger thn us, and there's also a power who created us
first of all people before christianity believed in many god not because they felt there is a power stronger than them but because they needed a power stronger than them....think about in a simple way, the most important question for the human being is " is it over after death?".... ask urself this question, if u say no u will live all ur life sad because u know that one day it will be over for u(and all people will suicide or make crimes) u need to convince urself that there is a life after death so u can enjoy ur life now and to promise the people that they will go to heaven if they are good on earth....they used to look to the sky and think that god lives up der and we still do till now ....look in the old testement , it is written that god create the water under the earth and above the earth....under the earth means the oceans but what does above the earth mean???????? they used to think that there is water above the earth and dats where the rain comes the old testement was written by a normal human being and there is a lot of others mistakes.... the old testement was written by a smart person of that age.....and by the way who told him how god create adam and eve???? god???? but god doesn't do mistakes like by tellin him that there is water above the earth for sure if there is god....
there is no power stronger than us but we need to lie to ourselves that there is a power stronger than us that will help us to confront life and problems...
2nd- the wasan as u call them they create their god not because they felt it, but because they needed it.... anyway who told the wasan that there is hell and heaven? which prophet??????? they made it.... or u wanna tell me they felt it too...???

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