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Default Re: Does God Exist?

Originally Posted by systamatics View Post
sciense proved the existance of the " spirit " its an etheral object . . .
if u don't know what u talking about, plz don't just talk to talk because SCIENCE did prove that there is no spirit so plz don't get the people confused with ur lies....
and i will tell u what the science says:"
Religions also needed a belief in a spirit/soul to postulate life after death. The soul-belief has remained a common (but by no means universal) part of human religions all over the world. At this time people had no idea how the human body worked. They knew about various organs -- like the heart or kidneys -- but really didn't have a clue what they were for. As we can see in the Bible, they often postulated various mental/psychological/moral functions for these organs.
In fact, the idea of a soul or spirit is ludicruous. To say that science has not disproved the idea for all intents and purposes is fooling oneself. In all other ways of life, the logical absurdities of postulating a "spirit being" would lead all sane people to reject it. We would assume that the idea was rejected. But out of respect (mistaken IMO) for religious emotions people still pretend that science has not disproved the idea of a spirit. For all intents and purposes, it has."
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