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Default Re: Does God Exist?

Why was I created?
This is a multi sided question. Why was i created? For what purpose? to lead a healthy and happy life? to procreate? to worship God?
the unabsolute truth, u see nothing is perfect in the universe because point of views exist. If i were to be a perfect being then no one would beg to differ that i am divine.
Or is the purpose of point of views is to merely create difference in the world, even for a perfect being....what is the meaning of being perfect? Or right? Or wrong? i dont believe in right or wrong, i just believe in point of views.....people can decriminalise even the most dispicable acts because they dont view things the way u do. Some people may view the holocaust to be a good thing, some people might hate ghandi, there is no ABSOLUTE TRUTH in the world, no matter how long u search no matter how hard u try, u will never be completely correct because there will always be someone to contradict u. So guys have a discussion about God if u will, but try not to prove things to one another, because no matter how hard u wanna deny it, u, urselfs arent sure 100% of ur beliefs, doubts will always pass through ur minds, and it is evident in the questions u pose.
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