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Default Re: Does God Exist?

1- I do beleive in God existence

2- I used to beleive in God cuz i'm a christian and that's what i was supposed to do...

3- Once i had the curiosity and started reading some books, talking to some religious men... just to be sure that my beleives in God aren't wrong... and I found out that God exists...

4- And today (what a coincidence!) i've been told a story that made me beleive more and more in God's existence... It's about a king who haven't beleived in God... He used to sit alone trying to know who created this world, but he couldn't got an answer... so he invited every philosopher and every poet and every smart peson in his country to his castle, and he offered the half of its properties to the one who can tell him who created the world and to give him reasonable and logical answers... at first, a religious man came in and started talking about God and that we should beleive in him and bla bla bla, the king got angry and wasn't conviced... then a philosopher came in and started talking about the spirit and bla bla bla, and also the king wasn't convinced... then a poet came in and many others but the king couldn't got an answer... At that day he heard about a poor smart man living in the suburbs, he invited him to come to his castle in the second day at 10am... at the second day the man was late, the king got angry... it's 1pm... 2pm and the man hasn't arrived yet... At 4am he arrived. The king, angry asks him why he's late, he answered : " I came at time, but between my house and ur castle there's a river where there was no boat, so i couldn't passed, I waited and waited and waited untill I saw parts of wood each one coming from a different side and they got united together, and they formed a boat... so i got in the boat and passed by the river and here I am in front of u... ". The king replied: "what r u talking about? r u trying to make me look like an idiot????" . The man answered: " your majesty, if u can't beleive that a boat was built by itself, how u'll be able to beleive that the world was created by itself, and how u'll beleive that there's a big creator and a first motivator for this world called God"

PS: I haven't read any of the posts in this thread and please don't quote my reply, it's just a personal story...
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