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Default Re: Does God Exist?

Originally Posted by The queen View Post
First of all, since u've read my post and u've understood it, I don't think u have problems with ur eyes and neither problems in understanding, which means u 've read this PS and understood it... and this PS explains well that i'm not here to debate, and i'm not here to convince anyone in my point of view...
Relax sweety, if you didn't want anyone to comment on your story... then write it on your daily barby book not in a forum.
Excuse me !!!!! if u find such things ridiculous, all ur life will be ridiculous...
I don't think u'll be happy with ur life if u don't know who ur parents r... and this isn't different, u won't be happy in ur life if u don't know ur origins...
And if God doesn't exists then u came from a bacteria or from a little insect that exploded and created the world ????????????

And beleiving in God comes from every second u live and not from GOOGLE...
Ow please save me from the dark lol.
Did i ever said that i was created from a bacteria or any of what you said? Check again what i said in my previous 2 posts and you will know my answer.
However this is a main point to discuss about religion of rejecting other's believes and categorize them the way you like.

PS: relax my friend!
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