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Originally Posted by Tawa View Post
666 MBs per day is good comparing to the 133 MBs per day you used to get for ~50$ from Ogero.

I'm all in favor of unlimited plans, but keep in mind that if they remove the limit, el dawle bto5sar balewe, because we all know that at the end the whole neighborhood will be sharing a single unlimited 1 mbps connection.
EXACTLY that's what the Lebanese have been always taught, " EH MA KENET ABLE 133 MBs wou Hala2 Sareet a7ssan !!! " <==

THAT'S WRONG !! Ya 3ammeh el 3ALAM sar bel 4G wleek UAE is watching TV in HD on the internet with speeds up to 30 Mbps and soon it will be more !!

Ma 7ada ey2elleh PETROL, Telecom is always a winning sector and is founded on investments, oil has nothing to do with it. The more you Liberated the more it gets better. wleek Lebanon byotla3 day3a bi aya balad teneh ... Japan for example is one of those countries that are 95% covered and the smallest prefecture there is bigger than Lebanon ... and Japan is considered geographically a small country.

Shu hal 7akeh, the neighborhood will be sharing unlimited 1 mbps ?!?!!? man sorry but that's hypocrite from your side.
sadee2 you talk like Sanyoura !!! enno we can pay every year a
1 000 000 $ for hariri but we can't upgrade communication ?!!?

Frankly I don't want FPM to become like the other Lebanese parties, enno for example, waleed jumblat zaffat taree2 <== Tal 3omrak ya bek, inta ba3ed Allah and they start worshiping him for a road or iza wazaf iben flen aw 3elten.

If you want to make a Leap make it a huge step, don't jump like a frog !!

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