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Originally Posted by Sary View Post
Anybody can help ?!!
My Samsung Galaxy S2 came with a 4.0.3 Android version (Ice Cream Sandwich) .. Although it's the newest version, but I feel that it's not compatible with my phone ! It causes many problems such as force closes on FB application, Whatsapp, turns off suddenly, etc .. In many occasions, I had a black screen while being in a certain application then getting a message of "This application is not responding" , then goes out of it !

I know many people who got the S2, but none of them had it with the 4.0.3 version .. All of them had it with the Gingerbread
version which seemed to be very stable and lovely ! Every one got surprised when I told him that I'm having such problems, knowing that I got my new phone since 2 weeks only !!

Moreover, when I go to "About Phone" feature, then to Android Version, Baseband version & Kernel version and these stuff .. they are all "off" and not
enlightened as the situation is in the Gingerbread version !!

What's the real problem ? Is my phone rooted or what ? Please Help !
Your phone is rooted and a custom rom is installed , is it new or used? if its new go back and rape the guy's face and demand your money back , if its used you can search online for a default rom and flash it
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