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Originally Posted by Kingroudy View Post
absolutely, this is not a tricky way of changing the password. but to make use of it with microsoft, you have to use one email as your address and forward all mails to another email used as your login.
this way, you can also protect your emails from being read by the hijacker.
note that you will also use the address account as the only account to compose messages from, and keep the login account as secret as your password.
This is a trick for sure. I didn't see anyone use it before.
And Microsoft didn't make that option available for you to apply this trick.
Why the hell would Microsoft allow email duplication (so that each Hotmail user would have 2 emails, one for recovery and one for usage) while it doesn't allow message duplication and it experience slowness and congestion. So no, this option wasn't made for this trick.

I'll tell you why it might be made. How many times people create their email account and directly forget what did they put as password?!
I know that this is a little bit silly and unexplainable but believe me, this happens so often. So when they are in, they can request a reset confirmation message.

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