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Default One way to recover Hotmail?

Early morning, you turn on the PC and go ahead to check you hotmail Inbox. You found out that the email account is not opening! You re-checked 1,2,3,4...,n times and yet you are unable to log-in.
You knew then that your Hotmail email account was hacked!
Taking the worst case scenario. You forgot the secret answer for the secret question and you haven't set an alternative email account address OR the hacker have changed the secret answer and the alternative email account address. You don't have hacking skills, you don't know a friend hacker and you contacted Hotmail but they didn't replied. => Therefore, there is no way for you to get back your stolen Hotmail account!

Don't panic.
There is a workaround for this problem. But you must get back in time.
Look at this picture. How many options did you tried so far?

Don't you think that there is an option you missed?
In fact there are 3 options and you only considered them as 2!
How about sending a password reset message to the same stolen email?! Sounds odd, no?
It might sounds odd yes, and you will complain that you won't be able to read the message since you're not able to access the account itself (holding the message). So what? What's the point?

Have you ever tried the email forwarding option provided by Hotmail?
Allowing such an option will forward all the received messages to another email account chosen by the user.
So when you choose the option that sends a reset confirmation message to the same stolen email, the message will be automatically forwarded to the email account you entered when you applied the email forwarding option.
Therefore, you are now able to reset your password and recover your stolen email.

Believe me and believe my statistics, 95% of hackers (or better if I say email hijackers) don't check this option, they just ignore it. They will be enjoying changing the secret answer and the alternative email account address.

The process is so simple:
1- Create a secret email account.
2- Set your Hotmail account to forward messages to it.
3- Use it to recover you Hotmail account in case it was stolen.

The email forwarding option is listed under the account settings.

Now I'm not finished yet. This trick has some disadvantages.
Microsoft doesn't allow data duplication and yet their mail service is slow. Nowadays, they are facing congestion. You can use Google to find more about this issue. Sometimes I'm not able to log-in.

When you're configuring the mail forwarding option, you will notice a sentence saying:
"Note: Forwarded messages are deleted from this account."
This means that you can't keep a copy of the received messages! So if you want to see the messages you've received, you need to log-in to the new account where the messages are forwarded.
Also, because Microsoft sucks. It implies that the receiving email account should be one of the Microsoft family (,,, or is part of Windows Live Custom Domains).

On the other hand. If you are an owner of a Gmail account. You have the option to forward your received messages to any account + You can keep a copy of these received messages + Gmail is much faster.

Wait. I'm not advertising Gmail. I'm mentioning some differences. It is up to you what to choose, depending on your needs.

At the end. I do need to ask a question. Why Microsoft made the "sending reset confirmation message to the same email" option? Did they counted the trick I mentioned here? Or what?!

Leave your feedbacks.

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