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it's not God's responsibility if we don't have such a company in our eastern world
Yes, it isn't. It's responsibility of these companies. It's a well-known fact that they have a huge lobby in some countries. And using this lobby they don't let such countries to build their own companies like Google.
Install a plugin FlagFox and you'll see that many sites are located on servers in USA (incl.Vcoderz), Canada and Europe. And if this countries will want to block these sites one day, they will have a great success. Also for me, I took a site just for example and did a traceroute for it. And what I saw? That the request is going through servers located in USA. So most of internet could be controled by them.
The same situation is with FireFox- the best brouser. Using it Google can block any site for users placing a "red worning". Now they're blocking sites spreading viruses, but what can prevent them from blocking sites based on their ideology?
The evolution of computers and the internet is changing the world
It's a fact. We are talking now thanks to this evolution.

The world is changing and we can't do nothing with this fact. Simple rejecting of it is useless and stupid. We can only discuss it and that's all. For now I don't know what this evolution will bring, but it's performed by imperialists, so it can't bring anything good for us even if we now think that it will.
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