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Originally Posted by Kain View Post
This is not about the article. He was being offensive.
yes I was, we're drifting off topic though.

just because something is a creed doesn't mean it isn't a stupid creed or a hurtful creed, and I cannot be expected to just sit around and accept what comes from it, all the abused and battered wives in Lebanon have nowhere to go and no power to do anything because of this

this isn't about just rape, it's also about battering women, some women have broken bones and a closed swollen eye, sorry for offending your creed actually I offended someone else's creed but still.

people are allowed to be the direct or indirect cause of physical damage and I can't even talk, saying stuff nicely does not work, someone should really point out the enormous stupidity in these situations...

edit: but if you really think about my offending comment... the christian did not like the idea, and the muslims have been for a year protesting against this law(it's a man's right to beat his wife) the reality is more offending than anything I could point out
"Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it. "
-Mark Twain

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