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Default Re: Does God Exist?

Originally Posted by The queen View Post
There's no one relaxed as much as I am... don't worry habibe...
, i m wondering what will your reaction be if you weren't relaxed. hmmmmm pray for god to kill me?
Btw i've changed my mind... I thank "GOD" cuz u commented on my story cuz i've discovered many new things...
The hardest thing to do in life is to debate with ignorant (no offence) cuz u'll never get a result from them... and ignorant r the ones who think they're right and start explaining their point of view without giving an answer in exchange... If it wasn't God who created us, who did or what was it???
Can u give me only one example???????????
loool this is the ignorance itself, i can assure you if you read your posts only 2 times (for average intelligence people) you will know that it's really silly and stupid!.

Because usually when you ask a question you ask it to prove something that doesn't exist like "prove me that god exists" not "prove me that god doesn't exist".
Because i already don't believe that he exists since it has no proves so how am i supposed to prove you that he doesn't exist?

And proving that god exists with a story of king kang kong is a good thing to believe in you convinced me

PS: ma bissir drobineh kafen, ana ma be2bala 3a 7ale!
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