Thread: Does God Exist?
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Default Re: Does God Exist?

Originally Posted by systamatics View Post
son , god will burn u in hell , mark my words when u die till the judjment day u will keep on suffering ... would it hurt to believe in god?? lets say that theres a 0.000001% percentage tht god exists , would it hurt to believe in him?? is sooo important to neutralize urself from everyone else , nd specialize urself as an atheist?? if ur talkin in a subjective way , then theres a possibility that god exists even if its very few n little 2 u , wat would y gain if u stay an atheist?? nthn , wt would u gain if u believe in god ?? A POSSIBILITY of having heaven! so wat would u choose?? being a stubborn nd atheist jst infront of others , or believing!

Well systamatics, hes an atheist he doesnt have to fear Gods retribution, since he doesnt believe in him, inso he doesnt believe in judgement day and in the punishements.
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