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Default Linux Commands - You Ask, Linux Users Answer

Originally Posted by Kingroudy View Post
^^ hizbullah badna tutorial on Ubuntu terminal commands!! 3a zaw2ak, i'll be very thankful. dual boot is easy:P
Hello Khayyi Roudy,
First Of All I Just Want To Correct What You've Said, There Is Nothing Called Ubuntu Terminal Commands :P Their Is Something Called Linux Commands, Or You Can Say Unix Commands (Because Plenty Of Commands Are The Same For The Unix-Like Operating Systems Just Like Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS, Etc...)

I Don't Know What To Tell You Because I Don't What Do You Know :P I Will Start With The Very Basic Commands Used In The Terminal!
And Then We Will Answer All The Questions About Commands Asked By Members (I Will Answer And Xcoder Will Answer Because I Know He's A Linux User, And Any One Who Knows Will Answer Too )

It Is Not Necessary To Ask About Commands Only...

I Will Start With The Commands:

ls: Lists The Files And Folders In The Current Directory
ls -l: Long Listing Of The Files And Folders In The Current Directory With Some Details
pwd (Print Working Directory) : Tells You In Which Directory You Are
touch: Makes A New File (Ex: touch vcoderz.txt)
mkdir: Makes A New Directory (Ex: mkdir vcoderz)
rm: Deletes A File (Ex: rm vcoderz.txt)
rm -rf: Deletes A Folder (Ex: rm -rf vcoderz)
rmdir: Deletes A Folder (Ex: rmdir vcoderz/ rmdir -f vcoderz)
mv: Move Or Rename (Rename Ex: mv vcoderz.txt othername.txt) (Move Ex: mv /home/User/vcoderz.txt /home/User/Desktop/ {It Will Move The File vcoderz.txt to The Desktop Directory} )
cd: To Jump Between Directories In The OS.

There Are Millions Of Commands :P I Can't List Them All Just Tell Me What You Need And I'll Tell You What To Use..

من؟ من سينزع سلاح حزب الله!؟
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