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Default Re: Hacking Simulation Game !

Originally Posted by P337 View Post
Hollywood stereotypes. Weird clothes, living in basements, huge glasses.
Media stereotypes. Everyone of us has heard of hackers breaking in, crashing networks, defacing websites, causing mayhem. Yet Hackers are the traced shadows.
Nowadays, they are criminals.
Okay, what was my point anyway?
Did you wonder (The reply and the whole thing not pointed at you, but everyone who is playing these games) what is that little screen in "Uplink" showing x% criminal, and the alert "Computer hacked!" etc..
This is a game. True. But effective, very effective.

Besides, not in general anyway, the end of those kinds of games, accompanied with the feeling that " I'm the one ", attracts more "h4x0rs" around, thing that is not needed, anymore.
Ok, I understood and I agree with you...
You know the community that I'm a member in... And I never played such games before, but I like playing simulated hacking challenges in an application (not web based) and go into a story and fun and blablabla... I did not know before the things you mentioned about these kinds of games, but It seems that you played such games that's why you have info about them! (hehe)
I said that I agree with what you said and all, but come on man! (khedon 3a add 3a2lon w 3isha ma3on Ok, I'm that criminal that will shutdown your systems and air-condition you firewall! )
We don't need people's judgment and opinion about us... But at the end, I can see fear in their eyes!
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