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Thumbs up [ Lesson 1 ] Web World : data center and servers .

Hello everyOne
and We Shall Began These Hacking Lessons Now .

but sure if u are in shool for example You Cannot Make Scientific experiment , and u havent

learned Chemistry , a least You need To learn it one year ,
So i hope YOuve Gotted The idea and Lets Began

Our 1st Lesson will Talk About : Web World
Introduction :

Off course we cannot put All The imformations In This lesson because this is a big Door , but we

should know that it works with many things :

Data Center , Servers , Protocols , And Dns .

Know We Should Say That The web starts from Data CenterS all over the world , so what it the

Data Center ?

Data Center :

its companys all over the world , data center contains Servers ,
and it need like electricity 24 hours a day , and UPS like the one u have with your desktop ,

For Protection from bad electricity ( Higher or lawer ) , and these servers have connection ( to

the internet ) very fast and so High Specifications to Have a lots of users seeing a webpage on

a server for example and still running normal .

it Has Also High UPS For emergencies , and its responsible for protection

there could be a data center thant contains 1000 server , or only 10 , it means that there isnt

a rule for how big it is .

p.s = if data center get down ( stops or something else ) = all there servers stops = all the

websites stops

what are servers ?

its a case like the one were using ( hard disk , rams .. ) but he is made to be a server , the

only difference is its high Specifications , so and in this server , they host different webs

and scripts ..

these servers work on many systems but the most are windows and linux

by example in this forum were using vbulletin script which is programmed in php language , then

we should use linux because , because he reads php file = the forum files .

& on windows , the system [ windows server ] is used and he has better then Specifications then

the normal windows we use.

the difference between servers its the case Specifications itself
( harddisk , rams , Internet speed .. )

there are two types of servers , personal one , and common one

the personal one is for the important and Big Websites and hacking these websites and servers is

more harder then the common servers that contains alot of websites , it means a lot of script =

more exploits = easier to hack

So what is the job of these servers ?

there job is like hosting websites ,forums , like giving a space for the client , and it also

can give a server inside the main server , and also resseller ( smaller webhost for example )

and master ressellers .

So The 1st lesson is done , in the 2nd lesson we ll talk about dns and protocols

P.s : i know my english is bad but what we gonna do

Best Regards / JawadN

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