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Originally Posted by bitarno View Post
Anyone Heard of Hemo Rage ? its a pre-workout stimulant powder .. check this :
all the reviews abt this product are saying that its superb and awesome and it gives u hell of a shot of energy and power ... but the scary thing is that all the warning abt not taking more than 1 scoop/day ... what's the secret behind that ?!

oh and btw , the scoop is only and shockingly 10 grams
Mainly pre-workout supplements contain "L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate" (nitric oxide booster) helps with the blood flow and warming up the body, plus stimulants like caffeine... I never used these kind of supplements since I work out in the evening, so taking caffeine at night would affect my sleep... The quote you posted is mainly advertising , and the warning of not taking more than one scoop is to make sure to not take too much caffeine... It's not a bad idea to try such supplements, but don't stay on it because I feel they are waste of money... Get caffeine pills instead, they would be a good alternative and way more cheaper...
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