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Red Dead Redemption:

if u liked GTA IV, love open world games, this is without a doubt the game u are looking for. Graphics are amazing, the places really look like in the desert, or Mexico, horses look really amazing, the characters look great. The Gameplay is awesome, plenty of stuff to do, from hunting wild animals, to bounty hunting, from drinking alcohol to poker. Story is amazing. Every step u make in the game affect the way people react to u. for example, while I was traveling on my horse from a town to another, I heard a woman screaming so I ran to help her, there was a guy trying to rape her, so I shot him in the knee and tied him up in with my Lasso (rope), she thanked me and ran to tell everyone, but that wasn't it, the criminal was still alive, so I put him on my horse and headed towards the train trail, the train was heading towards us, so I putted him on the trail, and stood aside and watched, he started begging me to untie him, then the train ran him down lol that was awesome . ever since then when I walk around the village people greet me and treat me with respect

You can also act like a criminal and just shoot everyone. Then a bounty will be on ur head, the more crimes u make the more the bounty raises, so expect anyone to jump u trying to either kill u or to catch u. But you can remove the bounty by paying some cash

As for the online, I don't know whats my latency, but its not that good . I only played capture the flag and free roam. free roam is like GTA online, an open world online where u have a character and u work on upgrading him. You'll see other players around, u can shoot them or play mini games with them. I made a new friend because of this game lol

Capture the flag is fun. two teams will start in two bases, and one team will try to capture the other team's flag while the other will try to prevent them. whats fun is that u can use weapons, cannons, riffle machines

there are 2 others online game that I didn't try yet

sorry for the long post and I am sure I missed a lot of stuff that I either didn't see yet or forgot about it but if ur question is weather u buy this game or not I tell u HELL YEAH. Its very unique, every small detail is worked on. a well deserved 10 out of 10
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