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Originally Posted by TAREKŪ View Post
You can also act like a criminal and just shoot everyone. Then a bounty will be on ur head, the more crimes u make the more the bounty raises, so expect anyone to jump u trying to either kill u or to catch u. But you can remove the bounty by paying some cash
About that topic, u have something called Honor and another thing called Fame, u can be famous whether ur honor is minus or plus, meaning if u decide to do good stuff and raise ur honor, when u get famous people will greet u and respect u and u'll get discounts in stores, if u decide to be a bad man and lower ur honor, when u get famous people will fear u in the town, I finished the game, but i'm playing it again as a bad man, lowering my honor and leaving the bounty on my head, that way i'll be on the run all the time doing bad stuff to everyone I meet cz atm i'm playing as an EXTREME gentleman but the thing is, el storyline bel le3beh byejebrak tkoun honorable, enno u can't be a bad man, aw 7atta u can't FEEL like a bad man and then go do a story mission where u save lives and kill other bad men, but u're kinda MAJBOUR ta3mel the good work hayda el 7elo enno bi fassroulak enno u're obliged to do the good work mech men 2idak jit ta ta3mel el good work.


If ur honor is waaaaaaaaay low, like the lowest it can get, sadd2ouneh it's worth it ma3 enno u'll lose discounts in stores, bas u'll get a new horse, ya3neh everytime u whistle for ur horse byetla3 a Black Horse with a kinda mean White facce and white legs ka2an, it's BAD ASS !!! I got all 3 stallions - gold one - white one - full black one, bas this just baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad u only get it if ur honor is low w believe me ayya stallion ayya ballout BAD ASS horse is amazing

Although I didn't get ALL the outfits, bas i'll do so in the bad ass new me
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