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Originally Posted by MORPHEUSP View Post
Man the PC is a Versatile Device, unlike a console ........... the raw power of the pc cannot be matched, all console manufacturers when they attempt to release a new model they add new features to make it close to a PC ( the ability to put movies, music on them and also to browse the Internet ) so versatility wise the consoles are trying to catch up. and if you get the PC a X360 controller for example 50% of console games would be more enjoyable on PC becasue of same freedom and more power..
A reason why some prefer console games is the fact that there are these restrictions. I'm all for piracy, even voted for The Pirate Party in the EU elections but I don't want the PS3 to be hacked simply because it will remove those restriction.
And the music, movies and internet thing isn't a way for the console to become more like the PC. Things improve over time and these are improvements, they don't hurt why not have them. The PS3 isn't officially a gaming consoles, it's marketed as an entertainment centre (Games, movies, music, internet).

of course sports game and racing ones plays better on consoles but for shooters and strategy games the computer owns
I disagree on the Shooter games, I prefer it on a console and so does the majority of the gaming industry, most FPS tournaments are now on consoles and all the big ones are.
Anyway if i had more money i would've bought both a PS3 and an X360 because every gaming device have it's charm whether it's a PS3, X360, DS, PC
The thing is that it's basically about what you prefer. If you like PC you're going to play on PC and If you like consoles you're going to play on consoles.
I have three of the platforms you mention and I prefer PS3, a friend of mine also has the same three and he prefers PC. Despite the fact that the PS3 has better games, I like people not modding and hacking them, my friend on the other hand doesn't play a game if he can't mod it.

I don't like to talk crap about other platforms, in fact I hate it, but some people really need to be the elite and I like to push them down
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