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Originally Posted by TAREKŪ View Post
we have 1 ref while u have the entire FIFA association


man ra7 etdallak t3awwe, u r a hater, well afiyyich e7ke 3an man utd cz i actually like the team and especially the coach. haters only c 1 side of the truth, in the pic u posted barca lost w tel3o men CL w if u read the analysis following the game about the referee tel3o barca mazloumin. they disallowed a goal for bojan w ma kenet hands, w bel first leg kein fi goal offside. FIFA mech men7aze man shit happens mistakes happen live with it, like the time porto won over man utd w 7asboulkon offside bel zamenet. w ma teje t2elle 3an alves massal 3a pepe hidik el sene, nsam3et el ta2che 3al camera wel guard pads taba3 barca ma3moulin men carbon fiber metel kell el fera2 cz lightweight w strong men chen heik ma nkasret ejro. fekrak iza lebes kevlar vest w ouwwastak ma bet 7ess?
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