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Default How much have you changed?

Over the years we have changed. the way we think,the way we live,the way we eat, our ideologies and beliefs, our lifestyles. so how much have you changed?

Please share this thread to all vcoderz members, all the ones you know, we need all to know what's new with us.

As for me since the last time the forum was heavily active and i was also active in, a lot have changed, i have changed in so many ways that i am not the same person that i used to be.

first of all, i used to be a believer and always debating with religion, my way of thinking has dramatically changed towards rational thinking in everything in life, and this lead me away from blind belief in religion to agnosticism.

I used to be sad and depressed all the time, but my perspective in life has changed, this forum had a great hand in helping me through this, i am truly thankful to this forum and its members until now, over time i learnt how to cope with my depression, how to get over it and actually enjoy life without being tensed and tired all the time.

Music wise, i used to be a total radical Metalhead, never accepting any out of this genre music, but overtime i learnt to find the beauty of music in other genres, i discovered that i also love all different kinds of rock, right now i'm in love with psychedelic trance, kingroudy had a hand in this when he showed me the song Nothing but you by paul van dyke.

I graduated from uni in Business Management and right now am working in Nigeria for an FMCG company as a sales supervisor.

So what about you?
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