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Originally Posted by Kain View Post
hahahahah well this sure brought back old days

I joined this forum when I was 16/17 and it radically changed my life!
I am now 24. Graduated with a BS in Biology, got married, and am now in Iran doing a Masters in Iranian Studies.

I'm still in contact with many of the members from the forum, especially The Cheese, mr_j, Neoxter, and Halhoula for the most part. I miss the time i spent here. Honestly if the forum was still active i'd be here everyday ^.^
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Well, a lot have changed, some for the best.

- I stopped freelancing since i don't have the time anymore to do anything else.
- I still drink beer a lot
- Didn't graduate yet, on track.
- I currently work as a store manager at VIRGIN and hopefully by next month, ill be promoted too. I love dealing with people.
- I bought a house for my family (it was one of my main goals).
- I learned to forgive the closest people to me. As for my enemies, I'll also forgive them but not before i hang them first.
- Used to have bad time management back in the days, i used to spend all my time at work but now i managed to separate between fun, work, family and love. Planning to go back to sports by next month.
- On the music level, i personally believe that i have grown a lot switching from rap & trance to rock blues, jazz and symphonic rock.

I miss most of you in here, it has been quite a long time that i didn't see any of you and i hope we could meet all soon.
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