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#4.The Thousand-Pound Cat

Via Hkandy

But why are we looking to the distant past and Japan for monstrous creatures that can bite you in half? They didn't all go extinct, you know. Some of them are just being invented. Like the liger.

A liger, as Napoleon Dynamite fans know, is what happens when a lion and a tiger end up in the same cage and end up getting married instead of clubbing each other to death. When the offspring stands on its hind legs, it's twice as tall as a man:

And considers women on stepladders to be "meat-fruit."

Ligers are like the Blade of the big cat world; they possess all of the strengths of both parent animals and have none of their weaknesses. And "big cat" is an understatement: It's a half-ton, 12-foot-long snarling mass of muscle capable of fitting your entire screaming head in its mouth. Oh, and it moves as fast as your car goes on the highway.
That's right; it's reportedly capable of running 60 miles per hour. Can you run that fast? Just imagine being hit by half a ton traveling at that speed, then remember it has this attached to the end.

Not pictured: screaming.

This one is called Hercules:

Which is Roman for, "OH MY DEAR GOD, IT'S GOT MY LEG!"

Look at the scale there. Compare the lady's head with the liger's mouth.

Hercules happened as a result of a lion and tiger getting their freak on because scientists accidentally let them breed (sure ... "accidentally"). In just three short years Hercules already massively outgrew both of his parents, presumably right before eating them.

(Tomorrow :#3. Antlers twice the size of a man)
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