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Default Re: Weird Medical Facts !!!

Humans have the ability to differentiate about 10, 000 odour.

It takes time for the newborn baby to learn to turn the pictures right side up, as it sees the world upside down in the beginning.

If human sense of smell is affected, sense of taste is also affected as the brain interprets signals from the nose and tongue.

There are around 1,200,000 optic fibers in the human eye.

Color blind people find it hard to distinguish colors like green and red.

The liver is the largest and heaviest internal organ of the body and weighs about 1.6 kilos.

In the womb, the babys body is covered by a thin layer of hair but as soon as the baby is born it disappears.

At birth every one is color blind.

Babies crawl to an average of 200 m a day.

On an average, a persons left hand does 56 % of typing.

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