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#5.The Dinosaur that Makes Other Dinosaurs Look Like Lap Dogs

Picture the biggest of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park (specifically, the Brachiosaurus, aka the gigantic dinosaur with the long neck). Now let's use it to give you some sense of scale as to just how huge the Amphicoelias Fragillimus was. Here's Dr. Ian Malcolm, standing next to a Brachiosaurus ...

Yeah, that's pretty big.

... which was apparently just this bigger dinosaur's pet:

Never mind.

This giant was the single largest land-based life form -- never mind dinosaur -- on record.

The femur alone is estimated to be bigger than a grown man.

Although paleontologists have nothing to work with other than a drawing of one bone from this monster, it was large enough to give us a rough idea of the obscene size of it. Do you remember this scene from King Kong?

The one where Kong's pinkie crushes that woman?

Amphicoelias Fragillimus was not only taller than King Kong or that 'rex, it was tall enough to have walked over them. This beast was big enough to have eaten you out of a six-story window. It stretched roughly 30-feet longer than Godzilla was tall, which according to Homeland Security, registers it as a class-G movie monster.

Dude was taller than a Rancor with King Kong on its shoulders.

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