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any truth to this story? any proof or something? law 2alo monkeys kenna 2elna, bas Dolphins? how?
all life on earth came from water originally. we still have many things in common with fish one of the famous examples is the laryngeal nerve.

this nerve is supposed to connect the brain to the neck... logicly speaking it should be a small nerve about 20 to 30 cm long(the distance from the brain to the neck is not that far) instead this nerve goes down from the brain to the heart(in humans and all animals) wraps around it, and then goes back up to the neck, in a useless dangerous way. what the scientists discovered is that in fish, the nerve does the same thing, except in fish, this is the only direct way it can take to reach the neck, when evolution progressed from fish, it is impossible to go back and redo this(it's not like at some point you can cut the nerve and redraw its route), so the path of that nerve remained and grew bigeer, for giraffes, the route is 3 meters long instead of being 20 cm!

edit: interesting video about the above
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