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Originally Posted by Sogelec View Post
Ma Ba3ref iza enta le ketbo, bas this is Bullshit, silly and idiotic
They were going to Israel DIRECTLY after Lebanon, that's why 2amo 3alayon
and shu ze3jak bl mawdoo3? Mashroo3 Layla are getting bigger and bigger and hene beghena to sing in such a concert w have it in their history..They sang in Baalbak this year
Back to the so called article; the examples given do not make any sense. Its good for those AMERICAN band to know that we hate Israel..msh ghalat, bl 3akx something to be proud of, w ele meste7e b his hateness la Israel ---> no comment........
They went to istanbul , did a concert there and after it to tel aviv , so no not directly after beirut.

i have a feeling that you did not read it well , and there is absolutely nothing wrong in opening for them , how about we also for example demand a lebanese scientists from attending an intel conference in beirut , after beirut theyr going to tel aviv , get the point here ? we shouldnt be so hyper about everything related to israel
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