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Default Re: Civil Marriage in Lebanon

It's time to give my opinion
civil marriage should be legalized as an optional way of marriage in Lebanon.

it's not only about changing the religion.
for example atheists, how can they marry ?? and what's the need for a religious ceremony if they are atheists !?

those who are against civil marriage, can simply marry in a religious ceremony, no one will force them toward a civil marriage, but in the same time there are some people who wants a civil marriage (for any reason), it's also unacceptable not allowing them to do it.
that's why civil marriage must be an option.

but the problem is that men of religion are afraid of losing money and their jobs, that's why they refuse it and try to convince people with their snaky ways.
if civil marriage was approved in a law, men of religion will not be able anymore to provoke people from different sectarians against each other, because with civil marriage people from different religions will be able to marry, the community will become somehow a merged one, no one will be a pure christian or a pure muslim, and that will harm those who use religion to provoke people against each others and push them to kill each others in religious wars.

Lebanon won't become a civilized modern country as long as human rights are abused and sectarianism controlling it.
if Lebanon became a civil state, a secular state, it'll be the first step toward BUILDING A COUNTRY.... we won't need anymore Doha Agreements or Taef Agreements or the interventions of Saudi Arabia, Iran, USA... in our internal affairs because they are using the sectarian regime in Lebanon to create troubles and control our country.
ويل لأمة تكثر فيها المذاهب والطوائف وتخلو من الدين

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