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Angry Stress!

Hello everyone,

As the title says, the topic is "Stress". Wherever you go, whatever TV station you are watching, whatever magazine you open, the word "stress" appears over and over. It's the most common health topic being talked about for a couple of years now. Here in Canada for example, if you go to the doctor asking him/her to diagnose you because uve been having lots of headaches, the answer he/she gives you is "Oh.. it's just stress".. whether you have a headache, trouble sleeping, or suffering from any basic health issue, you are automatically diagnosed with "Stress". All the people you try to talk to, or you ask them the simplest question you can ever ask, how are you? They answer you with, Im stressed!!

Personally, stress for me is an illusion. I believe that mind power is way stronger than stress. Whether you are under any kind of pressure, if you set something in your mind and work hard to achieve whatever you're aiming for, mind and focus are your strongest powers. I am really getting fed up with hearing the word "Stress", it's like a propaganda. People who watch CNN often hear the word "terrorist" over and over, therefore these people become brainwashed about the idea or terrorism, knowing that till today, there isn't a real definition of the word "Terrorist"...

So whats your point of view of Stress?

Share with us!

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Nice topic, you are absolutely right, what ever your mind can conceive is what gives you motivation. Sometimes u feel so happy, but suddenly u hear a sad song that ur mind concentrate on it, your mood will flip reverse and change to something called depression. or if you were really depressed and heard a joyful song, ur mood will be set as what your brain reacts and force your emotions to work with what you think.
Music is what feelings sound like
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It's true that some people tend to blame stress on everything.
At the same time, you cannot deny the existence of stress.
Stress is caused by permanent thinking and worries that turns your life into a real hell, nothing makes you happy anymore, you are too worried about everything, how to buy this car, how to get this house, how to support your family, how to get your project successful, no time for work & study...

You start wasting your money on useless things just to make you feel a bit happier but nothing works, it's just some kind of sadness and dissatisfaction and feel that's not what you wanted your self to be.

Things look too bright when you see them from outside simply because we tend to see the positive points of them, but nothing is easy to reach and doing nothing is not an option neither.

I'll take myself as an example, i used to suffer of stress 5-6 months ago because of working too much and having too much things in mind and the work environment wasn't the best neither.

I refused to give up and accept the reality seeing myself going down, so i set other goals to work on and presented my resignation to get rid of that feeling and re-start from the beginning, i got a better deal at work, and ever since, I've been feeling enthusiastic again.

My problem is kinda small, but what would a father / mother of a family do if they were in my place? they have rent / settlements to pay, kids to feed and they don't have much options as i do especially that in this era there are too much things to worry about, it isn't simple any more.
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