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everywhere there is ellet zo2 w akhle2.

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lek l police sho 5aroof
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police officers should throw them all in jail bunch of thugs ...
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thats lebos in australia, 1 of the worst leb communities ever.... any other ideas in other places, canada, US, scandinavia?... i heard they're really powerful in africa
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Here, Dearborn Michigan, they or we i don't know lol, anyways lebanese aren't as bad here in such acts because the police here is really strict, watch Cops if you want to know more. No one could raise their voice at the police, they have the right to tazer you. But they are the worst in all other things like cheating the system, fraud, bribery, and every illegal way to make easy money. Like for an example, a lebanese guy here would own 3 gas stations, lebanese here are very popular in owning gas stations dont ask me why, and he still puts his wife on government aid to take more money they dont deserve. The sons of Wh**** make it hard on us to do a lot of stuff because they were already trusted once and they blew it. I wish they could f***** just deport all the bad ones. Anyways it makes me really angry when i see a person given a chance to live a better life, and they take advantage of it and totally misuse it.
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In every country there is a group of people, who belongs to the same foreign country, who likes to do some stuff like those in the videos.
The story of Lebanese in Australia is not a new one, it's very similar to the Algerians in France, The people from Far East Asia in the Arabian Gulf.

You can't control them, and they don't represent their countries...

Only ignorant people consider them a representatives of their countries.
What we do in life, echoes in eternity.
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massiv manno lebnene! flastine
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Originally Posted by Genius704 View Post
God Bless USA, and our police(
No you're wrong. The correct is:
Death to USA

And coming to such countries and spreading chaos there is good at all.
Maybe you'll ask me why? I'll give you the answer: they did the same in the past (let's remember how europeans came to Australia or USA and killed its ppl) and doing the same now. If they don't respect others, why they should be respected?
It's my opinion.
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australia, guys, invading, lebs, mst, watch

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